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Access Bars® Practitioner


This class is for anyone wishing to learn how to give a session of Bars, whether it is for a personal or professional use.


"What if you would opened yourself to the possibility of becoming all what you had decided being impossible?"

What is Access Consciousness® ?

Access Consciousness® is a set of dynamic TOOLS to TRANSFORM your life and bring more CONSCIOUSNESS in all areas where you want it.

What is Access BARS® ?

ACCESS BARS® is an Access Consciousness® body process that activates 32 points (bars) on the  head with a light touching to release mental conditioning, emotional blockages and limiting points of view, regarding different areas of your life (like money, communication, sex, body, creativity, control, etc.)

Receiving a Bars® session is like pressing the "delete" button on your computer to eliminate obsolete files.


The effects and perceptions may be different from person to person depending on what the unconscious is ready to let go.


One can observe more letting go, clarity, creativity, awareness, joy, a feeling of liberation, lightness or space.


Access is very effective on anxiety attacks that can disappear in a few sessions, on chronic stress, concerns, agitation in children, autism, in the case of conflict, etc ...


At worst the sessions offer deep relaxation (brain waves slow down as during deep meditation). At best, your life changes and becomes easier and happier! You perceive more possibilities!


The rate is set by Access Consciousness


300 € Full pass

150 € Repeated day

 Class program

It is possible to learn this technique in one day. The objective of the training is to :

  • Discover the Access Consciousness® philosophy

  • Learn to locate the 32 points to activate the bars

  • Receive 2 sessions of Bars®

  • Give 2 Bars® Sessions

  • Becoming a Practitioner Access Bars® (Certificate Delivery)

What possibilities after class ?



When you are a practitioner, you can exchange bars with other practitioners as many times as you like to catalyze change. It's also an opportunity to make new friends.


You can do sessions to family and friends, on your couch, on the beach, watching TV, etc., and have a good time together.



If you are already a therapist, Bars can complete your set of tools, or you can start a new business of Bars.


Access® offers a huge choice of classes all over the world on various topics. You can also become a facilitator, attend a Foundation class, or Choice of possibilities class, the Right voice for you, etc.


... Welcome to a world of possibilities!

"Consciousness is the ability to be present at any time in your life without judgment on yourself  or others. It is the ability to receive everything, to reject nothing and to create whatever you want in your life -  much more than you currently own and more than you can imagine. "

Gary Douglas (Founder of Access)

Bars giving & receiving with horses
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