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About me

About me

About Frederique Tabarant
About me

Doctor in Sciences and a researcher. I was early interested in personal development, spirituality and energies. As a graduate student at the university, I presented an analysis on the Kirlian Effect (supervised by a renowned botanist, Francis Hallé). I also became Reiki Master while I was at the university. I did many "initiatory" trips (Tibet, Peru, Yucatan, Shasta, Hawaii, etc.) to exploration the world and myself.


I also had a career in the space industry at the Ministry of Defense, then as Strategic Marketing Director in a large group. And in parallel, I followed my first professional coaching training (with Coach Academy in Paris) in 2007, to realize that in some cases, willingness and actions are not enough to achieve your objectives. Mind unconscious programming determine most of our decisions and comportments, creating limitations and sabbotages in our lives. Therefore I focused on Creative Consciousness and mind libération techniques, such as Bioenergetic Synchronization (Practitioner BEST / Dr. Morter, USA), and Access Consciousness® (Practitioner and Facilitator Access Consciousness Bars®, Practitioner Body Process®, Practitioner Facelift®).


I created Anewway Association a few years ago to develop consciousness and wellbeing classes. I have first developed the LetGO® system, to free the mind and develop awareness, and then I added Access Consciousness® to my tools box.


And as, I'm always moving and evolving, the methods I use, evolve as well. Pragmatic, I am always looking for what works best for me and the people who work with me.

About me


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